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Administrations Offices


  • The Office of the President(The House of Maidens 2F)
  • The Office of the Secretariat(The House of Maidens 1F)
    • Documents & Filings Division (The House of Maidens 1F)
    • Mail Room:Next to Chen-Li St. Park(Motorcycle)
    • Auditing Division(The House of Maidens 2F) 
    • Alumni and Public Relations Division (The House of Maidens 1F)
  • The Office of Academic Affairs(Administration Building 4F)
    • Center for Admissions(Administration Building 4F)
    • Center for International Affairs(Administration Building 4F)
    • Center for Teaching and Learning Development(Administration Building 2F)
    • Registration Section(Administration Building 2F)
    • Language Center(Management Building B2)
  • The Office of Student Affairs(3H Hall-Humble 1F)
    • Student Assistance Division(3H Hall-Humble 1F)
    • Center of Counseling(3H Hall-Humble 1F) 
    • Health Services Division (3H Hall-Humorous 1F)
    • Extracurricular Activities Division (Activity Center 1F)
    • Service and Learning Division (Activity Center 1F)
    • Job Placement Section Division (Activity Center 1F)
    • Military Training Office(3H Hall-Human 1F)
  • The Office of General Affairs(Office of General Affairs 1F)
    • Purchase Division(Office of General Affairs 1F)
    • Property Management Division(Office of General Affairs B1)
    • Cashier Division(Administration Building 1F)
    • Construction and Maintenance Division(3H Hall-Humble B1)
    • Diversity Division (Diversity Affairs:Iron house)
    • Campus Sanitation and Security(Diversity Affairs:Iron house)
  • The Office of Research and Development(The House of Reverends 1F)
    • University Development Division (The House of Reverends 1F)
    • Academic Research Division(The House of Reverends 1F)
  • Personnel Office(Administration Building 3F)
  • Accounting Office(Administration Building 3F)
  • Computer Center(Management Building B1)
  • Library(Library Building)
  • Extension Center(Administration Building 1F)
  • The Office of Chaplain(Chapel B3)
    • Administrative Service Division(Chapel B3)
    • Shepherding and Care Division(3H Hall-Humorous 1F)
  • The Office of School History(Chapel 4F)
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