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The House of Reverends(1906)

The House of Reverends (Bok-Su Lao) Bok-Su Lao was originally built for the Reverend William Gauld’s as his residence in 1909. After his passing in 1923, the house became the residence of the Reverend Hugh MacMillan, who served at Taipei Theological School, then the Reverend James I. Dickson at Tamkang High School. Because the house was home to these pastors, it was called Bok-Su Lao. During W.W. II, the house became the boy’s dormitory of Tamkang High School and was renamed Chhin Liông Liaû, “Hall of Azure Dragon.” After the War, the house became the residence of the Reverend James Sutherland and then the Reverend George Malcolm. At one point it housed a piano studio of Chun-Teh Girls' High School. The last occupant of the house Elder John Geddes who vacated the premises in 1965, After this it became an administration building for Tamsui Oxford College (now Aletheia University) founded the same year. One part of the house would be converted into a faculty restaurant and the building was nicknamed “The Red House.” Built and designed by the Reverend Gauld, the building’s fine pointed masonry and redbrick porch have made this rare colonial-style architecture a work of art among the historical treasures of Tamsui.
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