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The House of Maidens(1906)

The House of Maidens (Go-Niu Lao) This elegant, western-style red brick building was designed and built by the Reverend William Gauld in 1906 as a missionary residence for Go-Niu Jane Kinney, the headmaster of Tamsui Women’s School, and Go-Niu Hannah Connell. (Go-Niu is an honorific title for single female missionaries of the Presbyterian churches of Taiwan.) Other Go-Nius to live in this house were Mabel B. Clazie, Lily Adair, Dorothy Douglas, and Isabel Taylor. During W.W. II, the house became the boy’s dormitory of Tamkang High School, renamed Chū-Chhiò Liaû, “Hall of Rosefinch.” Dorothy Douglas and Isabel Taylor would live in it after the War; so did Geraldine Greer and Margaret MacKenzie. Taylor left for her new residence in Tamkang High School in 1965, the same year Tamsui Oxford College (now Aletheia University) was founded. Since then it has been the Office of the President and thus well maintained and preserved.
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