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Reverend Mackay's Residence(1875)

Reverend Mackay’s Residence Elegantly situated on the lush, green hill of Bo-Dieng and overlooking the astonishing scenery of Tamsui, this stylistic bungalow was once the residence of the Reverend George Leslie Mackay. Designed and built in 1875 by Mackay himself, the house has three porches with an addition on the back as a study. Mackay started his family and enjoyed his missionary life here until he passed in 1901. Afterwards, the Mackay home became the temporary residence of the Reverend Thurlow Fraser and the Reverend J. Y. Ferguson. In 1912, Mackay’s only son, the Reverend George William Mackay, returned to Taiwan from Canada and founded Tamkang High School, taking possession of the family residence until 1941 when he returned to Canada because of W.W. II. As the War raged, and at the bequest of the Presbyterian Church of Taiwan, The Mackay home became An-Lok Home, literally “The House of Well-Being,” a shelter for homeless women and later the boy’s dormitory of Tamkang High School. After the War ended, the Reverend George William Mackay relocated from Canada to Taiwan once again, retiring in 1952. In 1965, Tamsui Oxford College (now Aletheia University) was founded and the house served as a library, then an internship hotel, and finally a guest house for the college. Members of the Mackay family would stay here when visiting Tamsui, the house retaining deep and long-lasting symbolic importance for Mackay’s posterity.

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