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Missionary House (1875)

Missionary House This white, western-style house built by the Reverend George Leslie Mackay in 1875 served as a second missionary residence for his visiting assistant pastors. Reverend J. B. Fraser was the first to stay here. Other missionaries to stay included K. F. Junor, John Jamieson, William Gauld, James I. Dickson, and J. D. Wilkie. The Missionary House also served as a charity school for women after the missionaries moved out, and another boy’s dormitory for Tamkang High School during W.W. II. After the War, the house was leased to British Tait & Co. (now Tait Marketing & Distribution Co., Ltd), a second floor added to the front of the building for a better view of the adjacent mountain and river, and how it looks today. In 1971, it became the presidential residence of Tamsui Oxford College. In 2009, Aletheia University restored the building to commemorate the missionaries who dedicated their lives to the service of this country and its people.

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