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The Office of the Secretariat



  • Office of the Secretariat
  • Document and File Division
  • Auditing Division
  • Alumni and Public Relations Division


Office of the Secretariat


  1. Assist the President in managing school affairs
  2. Coordinate administrative affairs
  3. Arrange school-level meetings, regulation & rule committee meetings, and secretarial meetings etc.
  4. Review and process official letters and documents
  5. Notify off-campus information and regulations
  6. Edit affairs of university report, university bulletin, and university introductory document
  7. Manage internal and external correspondence on behalf of the University and the President
  8. Handle other university-related affairs


Document and File Division

  • Service Center: :The House of Maidens 1F
  • Tel: 02-26212121 Ext.1035、1036、1037、1039


  1. Mail processing and restricted mail management for students and school faculties
  2. Reception of official documents and electronic exchanges
  3. Issuing official documents;
  4. Typing official documents and issuing official documents in electronic format
  5. Archive management
  6. Handle other university-related affairs


Auditing Division

  • Service Center: :The House of Maidens 2F
  • Tel: 02-26212121 Ext.1038


  1. Prepare the annual auditing plan
  2. Conduct the internal audit
  3. Assist in examining and revising internal control manuals for each unit
  4. Compile laws and regulations of the university


Alumni and Public Relations Division


  1. Assist with alumni-related activities.
  2. Update the alumni database
  3. Maintain close liaison with alumni
  4. Undertake the fundraising program
  5. Receive and greet the press and visitors
  6. Help with the press release on the subject of AU.
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