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The Office of Student Affairs



  • The Office of Student Affairs
  • Center of Counseling
  • Student Assistance Division
  • Extracurricular Activities Division
  • Service and Learning Division
  • Job Placement Section Division
  • Health Services Division
  • Military Training Office


The Office of Student Affairs

Service Center: 3H Hall-Humble 1F

Tel: 02-26212121 Ext.1201、1202




Center of Counseling

Service Center: 3H Hall-Humble 1F

Tel: 02-26212121 Ext.1231、1233、1234、1235、1236、、1237、1238

Fax: 02-2621-8451



  1. Individual counseling
  2. Mental Health Consultation
  3. Psychological test service
  4. Volunteer Training
  5. Health Publicity
  6. Manage clients (resource classroom)
  7. Manage volunteers
  8. Manage documents
  9. Conduct special education implementation committee regularly
  10. Provide scholarship, transportation subsidies and other subsidies
  11. Maintain special education transmit net
  12. Application and manage budget with the Ministry of Education
  13. Handle life education activity
  14. Handle the activity for disabled students
  15. Identification of disabled students


Student Assistance Division

Service Center:3H Hall-Humble 1F

Tel: 02-26212121 Ext.1231、1233、1234、1235、1236、、1237、1238




  1. Application and arrangement of on-campus jobs for students
  2. Scholarships
  3. Planning and implementation of the Love-My-University service project
  4. Rewards and punishments of students
  5. Grants for disadvantaged students by Education Ministry
  6. Tuition deduction for students with specific conditions
  7. Student credits plan by Education Ministry
  8. Repairing, mMaintenance
  9. Information, dDormitory sStudent sStaff tTraining
  10. Dormitory division wWebsite mMaintenance
  11. Document processing
  12. Handle other assigned businesses


Extracurricular Activities Division

Service Center:Activity Center 1F

Tel: 02-26212121 Ext.1221、1222、1223、1225



  1. Counseling student societies
  2. Guiding students in extracurricular activities
  3. Application of student scholarships
  4. Lost and found
  5. Lease and management of venues and equipment


Service and Learning Division

Service Center:Activity Center 1F

Tel: 02-26212121 Ext.1261、1292


  1. Service education
  2. Professional Services Learning
  3. Advising off campus and community volunteer service


Job Placement Section Division

Service Center:Activity Center 1F

Tel: 02-26212121 Ext.1291、1263


  1. Apply government plants
    • Workforce Development Agency
    • Ministry of Education
    • Career and Competency Assessment Network
  2. Planning and execution of annual campus recruitment activities
  3. Questionnaire for graduates
  4. Assist with both job fair and job consulting activity
  5. Conduct job fair business
  6. Speeches of career life and scholarly speeches
  7. Career opening on website


Health Services Division

Service Center:3H Hall-Humorous 1F

Tel: 02-26212121 Ext.1241、1242


  1. 1. Body-health caring 2. First aid 3. Campus Sanitary Services 4. Health Education


Military Training Office

Service Center:3H Hall-Human 1F

Tel: 02-26212121 Ext.1811、1812、1813、1814、1815、1816、1818、1819


  1. All-Out Defense Military Education and Training
  2. Advocacy of Campus Security
  3. Advocacy of Traffic Security
  4. Advocacy of Echinacea Campaign (Execution of Chun-Huei Project)
  5. Student Housing Service
  6. Students’ Military Service: Temporary Exemption & Procrastinated Exemption
  7. Application of Student Insurance
  8. Offsetting of military service


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