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Collections and Circulation Section

Tel: 02-26212121 Ext.1514、1515、1517、1518、1519


  1. Borrowing and return
  2. Renewal and reserved
  3. Shelving
  4. Entrance & exit control
  5. Locker room management
  6. Distribution of new arrivals to Library Division
  7. Library tour
  8. Interlibrary loan
  9. Database courses
  10. Library instruction
  11. Reference services


Acquisitions and Cataloguing Section

Tel: 02-26212121 Ext.1516


  1. Acquisition and cataloging
  2. Exchange and give-away of Chinese, Japanese and Western books
  3. Budget control and management
  4. Assisting with establishment & expansion of library holdings (including: books, electronic resources, media resources)
  5. Subscription of newspapers


Serials Section

Tel: 02-26212121 Ext.1513、1518


  1. Serials acquisitions and cataloging
  2. Claiming current periodicals
  3. Exhibition and sorting of periodicals and newspaper
  4. Inquiry about periodicals and electronic periodicals
  5. Establishment of periodical files
  6. Management of purchase, exchange and give-away of Chinese and Western periodicals
  7. Binding back Issues


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