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Department of Tourism

Department of Tourism,AU






The department aims to train tourism, hotel, and restaurant management personnel in both academic discipline and practical skills. The program focuses not just on the tourism industry, but also includes the complementing hotel and restaurant industries, and within that the key issues addressed are sustainable tourism planning, operating and management abilities, and restaurant and hotel management. 



  1. Strong competitiveness: students are equipped with basic theories and professional skills through the implementation of tourism monographs, with 400 internship hours inside and outside the college during winter and summer vacations, as well as through our professional courses.
  2. Tutoring for obtaining licenses: students are assisted by our tutors in obtaining professional licenses or certificates such as CRS, foreign language and Chinese speaking tour guide and manager, as well as taking exams in MICE, English or Japanese language proficiency, etc. to prove professional capabilities and increase competitiveness.


Prospects for the Future

Future career:

Diverse job options exist in the tourism industry in places such as travel agencies, restaurants, hotels, and air services. Graduates can also work in the tourism departments of central or local governments by taking civil service exams.

Further education:

Our graduates are prepared for further study at domestic and overseas postgraduate schools related to tourism, restaurant and hotel management, leisure and recreation, and tourism resources planning.

Licenses and certificates:

Our graduates are prepared to obtain professional licenses and certificates for tour management, tour guiding, bartending, food and restaurant service, CSR, etc. in order to develop a respectable standing in the tourism industry.


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