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Department of Business Administration

Department of Business Administration, AU






The Department of Business Administration of Aletheia University educates students to be professionals with a global perspective who possess knowledge of business management and solid ethics, as to become the pillars of our nation and society, as well as of business organizations.



Through our practical and useful curriculum, students of our department learn the industrial management skills of marketing, finance, HR, production, information management, and strategic management required by senior managers of enterprises. Our university’s partnerships with sister schools in the US and Japan allow our students to study overseas while broadening their worldviews. Students can also choose to undertake an internship at a renowned enterprise during summer vacation, which allows them to acquire job opportunities and integrate into the work environment soon after graduation. Through the establishment of its Alumni Club, the department possesses an extensive alumni network that offers scholarships and instruction in English and Japanese language skills. In addition, our department frequently invites well-known enterprise managers to deliver lectures on the latest developments in industry, and to help improve CV writing and interview skills.


Prospects for the Future

Future careers:

Working for public or private companies such as banks, securities, insurance companies, apartment stores, television stations, newspapers, travel agencies, hotels, hi-tech manufacturers, airlines, and the civil service through government tests.

Further education:

Our graduates are equipped for further study at domestic and overseas postgraduate schools in business management.


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