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Department of Law

Department of Law, AU






  1. To provide modern society with the legal professionals it needs.
  2. To equip students with the basic knowledge and skills for their future careers and further studies of jurisprudence and civil service job opportunities
  3. The students of our college are requested to take general law courses, and the graduates will be awarded a Bachelor of Laws.
  4. Academic seminars are held regularly, and law publications are published for students to improve their understandings of basic law theory.
  5. Collaboration with communities, organizations, junior high schools, and elementary schools to offer legal consulting and legal education services.



  1.  In addition to the general courses of the department, concepts such as Fair Trade Law, Intellectual Property Law and other financial and economic subjects will be reinforced.
  2. Working together with communities to provide legal consultation and legal education services.
  3. All lectures, tutorials, and the instruction during after-school study are given by our full-time tutors rather than by assistants, as is the practice of other schools. The great affection between our full-time tutors and students is the result of this commitment to quality instruction.
  4. Our department offers a Credit Program in Financial Law and works with other departments of our college to provide students with diverse career choices in the fields of finance and banking.
  5. Modules are set up for students to systematically learn step by step.


Prospects for the Future

Future careers:

Law firm, legal affairs and legal divisions of enterprises, government judicial officers, teaching jobs, and more.

Licenses and certificates:

Taking the tests for licenses or certificates related to judges, lawyers, clerks, land administration agents, and finance.

Further education:

Studying at postgraduate schools related to law, financial law, technology law, crime prevention and corrections, politics, labor, national development, or relations with the mainland.

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