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Department of Finance and Banking

Department of Finance and Banking, AU






  1.  To equip students with both professional skills and academic theories in the fields of finance and economics.
  2. Our students will cultivate humanistic attitudes, have sound personalities, and develop good workplace ethics through taking general education courses.
  3. To teach the skills of writing financial and economics essays, as well as the spirit of teamwork.
  4. Students will possess the capabilities of interpreting financial information and problem solving.
  5. The department offers instruction in obtaining financial licenses and certificates to help students improve their vocational competency.



  1. Through general education courses, students are expected to have a stronger sense of humanity.
  2. To educate students as financial and banking professionals for both their further education and career development.
  3. To train students with the skill of writing financial and banking essays about everything they learn throughout their four years.
  4. The licensing passport is designed to help students to obtain finance and banking related licenses or certificates for better job competitiveness.
  5. Our tutors all teach knowledgably and passionately.
  6. Promoting industry cooperation and designing internship passports for students to expand their horizons and increase employment rates.
  7. The passport for social service volunteers is designed to encourage students to participate in charity events.


Prospects for the Future

Future career:

Financial and insurance professionals, as well as financial personnel of medium and large enterprises including banking staff, securities brokers, insurance salesmen, financial advisors, senior securities salespersons, analysts, and futures analyst.

Further education:

Studying at domestic or overseas postgraduate schools in finance and banking, business, commerce, and management.

Licenses and certificates:

Basic licenses such as securities brokerage, trusts, life insurance, and financial planning; or advanced licenses such as credit, basic foreign exchange, analyst, etc.


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