Department of Information Management

Department of Information Management, AU





To differentiate ourselves from traditional departments of information management, our department puts emphasis on social responsibility. Students are educated to possess both professional skills and a global, humanistic perspective, so as to become the well-rounded personnel needed by our nation and society.



  1. Learning from practice: students gain professional information management skills by interacting with companies through a combination of professional courses and internships.
  2. Growing from competition: the “reading clubs” after class help students prepare for all kinds of national competitions related to information management.
  3. Learning from service: students are encouraged to go beyond the campus and serve the community as an information volunteer, thereby fostering the spirit of service and a good working attitude.


Prospects for the Future

Future careers:

All kinds of management jobs such as mobile app development, mobile information management, network management, webpage design, and system analyst and designer.

Further education:

Our graduates are prepared for further study at domestic and overseas postgraduate schools in Information Management, Distribution Management, and Business Management.

Licenses and certificates:

Java, ERP, EEAP, information management, project management, system analyst, e-commerce professional, etc.


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