Department of Finance and Tax Planning

Department of Finance and Tax Planning, AU
Department of Finance and Tax Planning, AU





Students are equipped with five core skills: financial knowledge and its application; finance, taxation, and accounting practices; logical thinking and reasoning; and interpersonal communication skills.



  1. Our department educates students in both the theory and practice of management, computers, financial practices, and taxation regulations, in order to become finance and taxation professionals in the areas of economics, accounting, and law.
  2. As finance and taxation information is important to improve the efficiency of both public and private financial management, students are trained to operate computers so as to enhance their skills in IT systems management and financial and taxation administration.


Prospects for the Future

Future careers:

  1. Financial and taxation sections of governments.
  2.  Accounting firms.
  3. Private businesses or organizations.

Further education:

Our graduates are equipped for study at domestic or overseas postgraduate schools in financial administration, financial management, banking, accounting, business administration, international business, economics, management science, international trade, finance, economics, etc.

Licenses and certificates:

Accountant, financial accounting auditor, management accountant, securities analyst, bookkeeper, and financial manager.


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