Department of Accounting and Information

Department of Accounting and Information, AU
Department of Accounting and Information, AU





Based on the university’s educational philosophy of cultivating “students to become well-rounded adults who are humble, humane, and humorous, with a passion for knowledge and for serving society,” this department cultivates senior accounting information professionals who combine theory with practice and have both academic knowledge and skills and are active, enthusiastic, optimistic, and faithful.


Our students are trained not only in accounting know-how, but also in the second professional specialty of information management applications in order to meet the needs of accounting information personnel in the future.

Students study accounting theories, accounting information systems, information management, financial and economic know-how, management skills, business, commerce, and legal knowledge as the foundations of their professional skills.

Prospects for the Future

Future careers:

Many of our graduates become civil servants in the fields of accounting, taxation, auditing, and finance; auditors at accounting firms; bookkeepers or tax filing agents at bookkeeping firms. Students may work in accounting, financial management, and auditing jobs at the finance or accounting divisions of private companies. By combining with the fields of finance or securities, our students can apply for jobs in financial analysis, financial management, and securities investment.

Further education:

Our graduates are prepared to study at domestic or overseas postgraduate schools in such areas as accounting, finance and banking, management, financial law, and information management.

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