Department of Economics

Department of Economics, AU
Department of Economics, AU





  1. Teaching economic theories to equip students with solid professional knowledge.
  2. Enhancing students’ awareness of social realities through practical courses and training.
  3. Students gain knowledge through diverse learning, with an emphasis on independent thinking and analysis.
  4. A well-rounded education emphasizing both virtue and intelligence in which ethics and occupational knowledge are taken seriously.
  5. Students’ potentials and interests are discovered and developed so they can pursue further studies or careers that suit them well.



The Department of Economics systematically trains students to develop abilities in observing reality, clarification of problems, and problem-solving, particularly in the areas of economic activity and economic issues.

Prospects for the Future

Future careers:

Civil servants; professionals in banking, insurance, stock-related industries, and economic-related research institutes.

Further education:

Postgraduate study in economics, finance, business, and administration.

Licenses and certificates:

Professional licenses in banking, insurance, stocks, and international trade-related industries.


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